Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Work (in progress)

I probably work too much. But I like it. That's got to be a blessing to like your job.

I am a full-time school librarian by day and a part-time public librarian one night a week and one Saturday a month.

What's to like about that?
  1. I like being with people. I work at a pre-K through 12th grade school so I enjoy the company of four-year-olds, teenagers and everything in between. I love 'em all. I don't see as much of adults at school, although coworkers and community members do stop by sometimes. At the public library I see more adults than younger people. Of course people of all ages come to the public library, but mostly teenagers and adults come to the Reference Desk, where I wait to answer their questions.
  2. The work is enjoyable. I help people use computers at the school and public library. I also help them find books and information. I do newsletters at both libraries.
    At school I teach classes, none of which are core classes (English, math, science, history) which makes them less stressful. There are no standardized tests for computer classes, pre-teaching or service learning and no end-of-instruction tests either. We can do the lessons and activities that I want to do and we don't have to rush to get through everything that will be on the tests. It's in class that I connect with the students and form relationships. I'm glad I get to teach classes as well as run the library.
  3. It never gets boring. Especially in the libraries, things are never routine. You never know who will come in or what they will need. At school I have to do planning and have scheduled activities. At the public library I just show up and go with the flow of the patrons. I like the variety and newness of each day at work.

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