Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day!

What a great day it's been.

The school day begins with a morning assembly. Today, Noah Copeland played the Star Spangled Banner on his guitar. It was an amazing performance. I don't know what others were doing, but I had my eyes closed so I could hear each note and a huge smile on my face. I knew I was going to have to clap at the end, but I only joined in with others. The kids burst into applause. Noah played again at the end while students were leaving the gym. He has incredible talent and I imagine one day we'll be saying, "We knew him back at Indiahoma School."

At 10:00 a.m. the entire school gathered in the auditorium for an elementary Veterans Day program. Kids saying parts and singing patriotic songs. After the program, JB McClung spoke about the time he spent in Iraq. I admit it made me feel good when he thanked me for the Beanie Babies project, but the best part was when he pointed out Army Sargent Billy Burgess (BJ) who was home from Iraq but heading back soon. First applause and then everyone was on their feet honoring my sweet student.

I left the assembly feeling proud to be an American, grateful to the people who have fought for our freedom, remembering my dad fighting in WWII.

Wednesday is my long day. When some people had the day off, I got to go to both of my jobs. I enjoy the drive to the public library. It takes 25-30 minutes and I always have a book on CD going. I look forward to the time in my car, listening to my book. I walked in the library and thought, "I'm glad to be here. I like this job."

Before I went on duty, the library director called me in his office. He told me I've been working at LPL since 1995. Do the math, that's 14 years. And I've never had a step increase raise. I am called Temporary part-time. I always thought, and this may be right, that I worked on a year-to-year contract. I just started over as a new employee each year. David, the director, didn't think that was right after all these years and talked to the legal department, human resources, and his supervisor at the city office. They all agreed and are going to get me raised up to the level I would be at if I had been getting step increases over these past 14 years. The city manager still has to approve it so it isn't a done deal. But still, what icing on the cake.

It was foggy when I drove home. But I know the way well, my car is dependable and I still had my book to listen to. Quite a nice day it's been today. Thank you.

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Linda said...

And boy, do you ever deserve to get the raise! It definitely should go throught - am glad David noticed it...