Thursday, November 12, 2009


I am grateful that I have learned how to take things in stride, sometimes anyway.

I probably have too many things going on at once. Our fall Book Fair arrived today. I was planning on opening it Monday, Tuesday Wednesday of next week and Monday & Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. Closed on THU & FRI of next week because I am going to Celebrate Oklahoma Voices training WED-FRI. Our counselor offered to have the book fair open on WED to take advantage of Grandparents Day. This is an annual event celebrating Thanksgiving with an elementary program and a meal for grandparents. A great time for grandparents to go shopping with their grandkids at the book fair. Everything's good.

Then Mrs. Senkoff, elementary program director extraordinaire, had to change the date for Grandparents Day to Friday. She also has too much going on. She just did the Veterans Day program, has a Native American Day program on Monday, and needed the extra time to get ready for Grandparents Day. Carrie the counselor didn't think it would be a big deal for her to do the book fair on Friday instead of Wednesday. Everything's still good.

I got notes out to all of the elementary teachers and their students with flyers about the book fair being open for preview on Friday, open to buy on Monday & Tuesday, closed on WED & THU, a special event on Friday, and open again the following Monday & Tuesday. Notes written, printed, copied, cut, stapled and delivered. Whew. Everything's good.

As I was about to sit down, Carrie called me and told me she'd just returned from a state department meeting...they've changed the dates for Celebrate Oklahoma Voices. It is now going to be MON-WED instead of WED-FRI. I'm nothing if not flexible. My student aide and I headed out to the classrooms getting back our incorrect flyers and apologizing for interrupting classrooms twice in one day.

I still need to change the hotel reservations and rearrange my schedule at the Lawton Library again. Everything's good.

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