Saturday, November 7, 2009

Life in Oklahoma

I have now lived in Oklahoma longer than in California where I grew up. Could two places be more different? Yes, the contrast between Indiahoma and New York City is even more so.

I'm thankful that I've gotten to live in a variety of places. I'd still like to spend a year on the New England coast. Who knows what the future holds?

What's wonderful about Oklahoma? In many ways it is less expensive to live here. Gas prices and housing are lower. There aren't as many people so there aren't crowds and traffic jams. And you can do oddball things like go to the Cotton Festival in Frederick, Oklahoma. That's what Owen, Pa & I did today. So many things to be thankful for:
  1. A daughter who will let her son come spend the weekend with us
  2. A grandson who wants to come spend the weekend with us
  3. A car & gas to get to Frederick for the Cotton Festival and the same car & gas to get just about anywhere
  4. Warm weather in November
  5. Hamburgers for lunch
  6. The joy on a little boy's face as he inspects the monster cotton combine on display in the town square
  7. Inmates out for the day to help with the festival setup and breakdown
  8. Being too full to even think about getting any cotton candy
Last but not least, getting home in time for the OSU & OU football games! (That's a Daryl joy.)

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