Thursday, November 19, 2009


So much for blogging every day.

I missed Tuesday, November 17, because I worked until midnight thirty on my COV project. I got into bed and was mulling things over, when I realized I had not blogged. Oh well, it was already tomorrow.

Next day, we arrived in Indiahoma at 4:00ish. I got in my car and drove back to Lawton to work at the public library until 9:00. Home, talk to Daryl, unwind a bit and then went to bed again without blogging. I'd already blown the perfect November.

It was crazy at school today. I was supposed to open the book fair but the administration had different ideas for me...a full day of curriculum alignment meetings. Allen Johnson was there to do activities with 7th-12th graders while the teachers spent the whole day together aligning curriculum. Am I ever thankful for teacher aides and substitute teachers who will run the book fair at a moment's notice. Tomorrow is promised to be the same. A flexible nature again comes into play.

And so good night. It's good to be home. There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed.

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