Monday, November 16, 2009

Celebrating Oklahoma Voices

We're here and it's great. Digital storytelling, using audio editing software today, video editing and synchronization tomorrow, then creating our own digital story. You can see videos created by former "students" at Click on the video tab.

I plan on telling my story about the Wichita Mountains. I'd like to make it funny but not sure how to pull that off. I am using a program called to get some audio from Katherine in Indiahoma. I asked her to call a phone number given to me when I registered at When she calls, and enters the exchange number, she leaves a voice mail telling about the Wichita Mountains. puts it in usable audio format and I pick it up at their web site. How cool is that?

Educators often cite research that says students learn more and remember longer when they enjoy what they are doing. I've already learned a lot and had fun doing it. I hope the remembering part will prove true as well.

I am thankful for the opportunity to come to this workshop and be a part of the COV project.

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