Friday, August 6, 2010

What to do with Green Yarn

This is one in a series of Green posts for August on NaBloPoMo.

What will you create with your green yarn? The possibilities are almost endless. If you have an idea in mind and want to look for a pattern or if you have no idea and want to browse through patterns, you could go to your local library. I helped a lady yesterday find the knitting section of the library. She couldn't fine exactly what she was looking for. I suggested the Internet. Her response, "Oh, I don't use the Internet." She was with a teenage boy. I thought it might be a project they could do together. But she wasn't interest in this newfangled technology and the boy didn't seem interested in helping Grandma with her knitting project. Too bad for both of them.

But you, here on the Internet and most likely bloggers who use the Internet with ease, will love looking for patterns on sites that are also social networks.

Lion Brand Yarn - (Logo used with permission from

You can learn to knit or crochet, watch videos, read blogs, listen to podcasts, follow Lion Brand on Twitter, Facebook and/or Youtube and get thousands of free patterns.

You can share your projects and look at the projects other members have posted. Take a look at some of these green projects:

Green Birthday Hat
Doll Dressed in Green
Martha Stewart Poncho

There are games (I'm not a big game person, but I know how people love their facebook games so I mention it here), links to knit/crochet charities, a comic, tip of the day, newsletter, you can buy yarn, and, of course, the reason we came here in the first place, there are free patterns.

BERNAT - This site is a little more basic and a little more high end. You can learn to crochet or knit and gather your free patterns together in your own free pattern library. Here's a picture of some Bernat Baby Boucle yarn that I bought at Walmart.

My favorite way to find something fast is to just google it: free crochet plastic bag patterns. Google rarely fails to deliver.

Question: Does anyone know where you can get GREEN plastic bags to recycle? (Is that an oxymoron?)