Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Favorite Book

The sermon in church today was about Ruth and Naomi. I planned to check out a few things, refresh my memory. King David was a descendant of a Moabite woman? And just what is a Moabite? The conversation continued in Sunday School. Daryl encouraged us to read the whole book of Ruth. It isn't long, but it is quite a story.

Sparks went off. I knew that today I am grateful for the Bible. What a book! On a deserted island you'd never get bored. Amazing stories to entertain and teach. Stories that give new insights every time you read them. God speaks to each person individually. I've just understood that it's OK if someone else "interprets" a scripture differently than I do. God has shown them something other than what He showed me in the same verse. It never gets old. Each reading is fresh and new. It truly is the living word of God.

It helps to have a plethora of translations. My new favorite is the Message. I like to have another translation at hand to compare. But, my, the Message is funny. And I do love to laugh. I'm going to go read "Ruth" in the Message now.

Happy reading!

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Mari said...

Our sermon featured Ruth too ... and I read the entire book while I waited for our faith class to start. I don't think I have "The Message," but I read it in New Living Translation, which I also like.