Saturday, November 28, 2009

High School Reunion

I attended my first high school reunion tonight. And I didn't even graduate from that high school. Every other year Indiahoma High School has a reunion for all classes. Daryl's mom bought reunion dinner tickets for Daryl, Lee Ann, herself and me. Virginia didn't graduate from IHS either but she taught there 50 years ago or so. Teachers and friends of alumni are invited to the reunion also.

We met in the auditorium wearing name tags with the year we graduated. Mine said "Librarian" (Daryl filled it out for me). We ate catered "home cookin" in long rows with folding chairs and sat with colorful characters who might have been paid extras. After the meal, members of each graduating class were announced and applauded. Pictures were taken for this and that reason. Virginia and I even got our pictures taken in the IHS teachers group photo.

There was a controversial discussion about changing the reunion from the Saturday after Thanksgiving to the Saturday before Easter and making it every three years. There were so many conversations going at once that I'm not sure if the change passed or the whole idea was dropped or what. I guess I'll find out when I get my next invitation in 2 or 3 years.

There's a word for evenings like this...bizarroland.

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