Sunday, August 7, 2011


to Indiahoma United Methodist Church

This is where I worship most Sundays.

We are in terrible drought conditions, as you can see by the dead grass. The air conditioner in the sanctuary quit working so we had church in the Fellowship Hall this morning. It was different sitting around tables instead of in pews the choir sitting among the congregation as we all sang together. Different and change is fun once-in-awhile.

The sermon was different too. Our pastor read 'The Story of the Unnamed Leper" from Max Lucando's book Just Like Jesus Devotional while we sat with our eyes closed imagining what it would be like to be an untouchable outcast. (scripture reference Matthew 8:1-4) It was a powerful story about a man who lost everything and then was restored by the touch of Jesus. Only Jesus dared to touch this man's diseased skin. What people are we afraid to touch?

Lord, help me respond to your call to love the unlovely. Teach me to work for reconciliation and provide me with opportunities to help those who have no means with which to repay my kindness. Amen.

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