Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today is Owen's birthday.

Put another candle on my birthday cake,
Come on and take
some birthday cake.
Put another candle on my birthday cake,
I'm another year old today.

(If you're as old as I am and grew up in Southern California, you might remember that birthday song from the kids TV program "Sheriff John."

Owen's birthday party with friends will be this Saturday. We commemorated the actual day of his birth with a family dinner at Burger King. Owen wanted to go to McDonald's but his mom refused. She worked there too long during college and can barely stand to go into a McD's and will NEVER eat there. So Burger King was Owen's second choice. They've got good toys in their kids meals.

We ate our assorted fast foods and let Owen be himself: funny, quirky, energetic and excited to be king of the day. (He has the Burger King crown to prove it.) Owen's teacher and her husband ate at Burger King too. She came over for a short chat and told us Owen is a great kid. Like we didn't already know that.

There are 27 first graders in Owen's class. His teacher has her hands full. Beth took 30 cupcakes to school today for a special treat in the afternoon and Owen got to wear a birthday bracelet all day. I never got him to tell me if he got any other special privileges for being the birthday boy.

After Burger King, Pa went home while Beth, Owen & I went back to their apartment for a swim. You may have heard about Oklahoma's drought and three digit temperatures every day. A nice dip in a pool takes the sting out of the dry, scorched surroundings.

Dripping wet, I kissed my 7-year-old good-bye; he was still in party mode. I hope Beth will be able to get him to sleep tonight. He is excited about receiving a gift from Auntie M tomorrow and then his birthday party on Saturday. The fun rages on!

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