Monday, August 8, 2011

It's Been One of Those Days

On Friday the fridge quit working. My husband left a message on the local repairman's voice mail and got a message back that said he could come look at it on Monday morning. Monday morning came and went so husband called repairman again and spoke to his wife. She said she'd get the message to him.

At 2:00 p.m. I left to take my car to the Mitsubishi place to have the air conditioning reexamined. I had taken it to be fixed on Friday; 8 hours and $42 later I was told there was nothing wrong with it, the air conditioner was working fine, cooling air down to 40 degrees. REALLY?!? When I got home, sweat dripping down my face, I stepped out of the furnace hot car and breathed in the cool 103 degree Oklahoma evening air. I called the car repairman to tell him the air conditioning was not working. He said to bring it back on Monday or Tuesday and he'd drive it until it got hot and figure out what was no extra charge.

By the time I arrived at the Mitsubishi place, the air inside the car was good and hot I pulled into an open bay at the repair shop and left the engine running. The guy took one look at me and said, "Your air conditioner isn't working, is it?" He drove my car, figured out what was wrong (something that regulates the temperature?) and then told me he'd have to order parts and they should be in by Friday. What, are they coming from Japan?

I went to the gym and then had dinner at my daughter's house. My husband called me at Beth's to tell me the refrigerator repairman was there and hopefully it would be working by the time I got home. Famous last words. This is what I found when I got home.

Not only is the refrigerator not working, now the freezer isn't working either. The explanation was that repairman Angie had to take the freezer apart to find out what was wrong with the fridge. Design flaw. When Angie unraveled the mystery, he knew he'd have to order a part so he left the freezer as is so he wouldn't have to charge us twice for taking it apart. Good grief.

Ah, these aggravating annoyances. I'm going to lock the door, take a bath and read my book. I may even light some candles and drink a glass of wine. If only everyone's problems were so easily solved.


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