Monday, August 15, 2011

B 2 S

Back to School

Today is the first day of another school year for faculty and staff. Our superintendent always sets up a buffet banquet for us: fruits, cheeses, crackers, muffins, raw vegetables, dips, cold cuts, soda, juices, water...WHAT!?! No coffee? You just can't please some people.

It's good to see coworkers after over two months of separation and also nice to meet new staff members.

Then the meetings. Some are familiar, very familiar. We learn the proper way to handle Blood-borne Pathogens every year, it's state mandated. It's also required for my job at the public library so I get to sit through it TWICE every year.

Some of the meetings are new, and new can be intimidating. New rules for evaluation, new directions in education, new required paperwork, new state-wide online grade book... From past experience I know that what is now overwhelming will be just part of another day in the near future. One of the things I love about teaching is that it is never stagnant, things are always changing. Even the teachers can't stop learning.

I lift my glass in toast to another school year and look forward to discovering its surprises.

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