Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fiction Format and Genre

OK, I'll come out, I'm a TV fan. My favorite TV is fiction. I don't care for the news, news programs, the Weather channel or reality shows (even though they border on fiction). I'm not big on talk shows or game shows either. If there's a good mystery on against Craig Ferguson, well, I'll flip back and forth.

The TV shows I enjoy are like the books I read: mysteries with a touch of humor, quirky characters, a little romantic tension and some action. Psyche, The Mentalist, Castle, Harry's Law, Bones, Leverage, The Glades, Burn Notice, The Closer, NCIS, Suits, In Plain Sight.

Tuesday nights have a good line up with White Collar then Covert Affairs followed by Memphis Beat. I try to get home by show time on Tuesdays to relax and enjoy some of my good shows.

My six-year-old grandson is into Disney, Nick Jr. and all those cartoon channels. My daughter watches reality shows, E-Entertainment and Grey's Anatomy. My husband is an all sports fan with doses of Fox News thrown in. It's no wonder we have so many TVs.

Tell me about your favorite TV show(s).

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Mari said...

just to clarify i'm NOT the daughter who likes reality TV - blech. I am more in line w/ liking the shows you like!