Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sweet Revenge

The last book I finished is Sweet Revenge by Diane Mott Davidson.

This is a series starring Goldy Schulz, caterer extraordinaire and crime mystery unraveler. She is now married to the chief of police, a great straight man to her zany character. Goldy and her best friend were both married to the same man, known as "The Jerk." They bonded over sharing a deep hatred for the man.

This particular book got me at the get-go when the crime took place in the public library. A thread of library and librarians strung throughout the story. I've gotta love that.

I was also in the mood, in the need of a gentle mystery, sans monsters and bloody gore, and scary suspense but with humor and high jinks. This fit the bill.

I am currently reading Undead and Unwed (MaryJanice Davidson-audio book) , Mortal Fear (Greg Iles-playaway), The Writing Class (Jincy Willett-hardback) and Dead to Writes (Cathy Wiley-Kindle).

What are you reading?

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