Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Not to Eat

It's church dinner day.
Let's walk through the line and talk about healthy choices.

Bacon is delicious but the fat clogs arteries and leads to heart disease. Beans are naturally heart healthy. You can learn to love them without bacon.

Chicken and fish are two healthy sources of protein. But bread and deep fat fry them and they lose their healthy status. Try grilling or baking or other cooking methods that don't add fat and calories.

Go easy on the sugar. Everything doesn't have to be sweet. Cut sugar out of your diet and you will begin to taste the natural sweetness in fruit and vegetables.

Choosing whole grain over processed white flour pasta is always a good choice. Processed flour has much of its nutrients stripped away and it turns quickly to sugar once eaten. This causes you to feel less satisfied and wanting to eat more and more.

Choose sweet potatoes over white potatoes for the same reason. Plus sweet potatoes are loaded with extra health benefits.

When it comes to desserts, I have to just say no. I am a surgarholic. I can not have one cookie or one small piece of pie. As soon as the sugar touches my taste buds and enters my blood stream, I am too weak to resist the second cookie and the third and the fourth...It is much easier for me resist the first one.


Mari said...

but bacon makes everything so yummy.

Sydney said...

That's the fastest comment I ever got! I wasn't even done adjusting the photo positions! Who says exclamation marks are going out of style?!?