Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Characters

I have a bag full of characters who presented themselves to me in flesh and blood at the public library. I added a new one to the bag today.

A four foot something Asian woman greeted me at the Reference desk. Sweet smile, soft spoken, not a fluent English speaker, she communicated to me that she wanted a book of do-it-yourself forms for legal problems. I got out our book.

She looked through the binder that was almost as big as she was but didn't find what she was looking for.

She told me that she was helped before with a different legal problem by another lady or maybe it was me. We all look alike. If it wasn't me, and it wasn't, then it had to be Roxanne who is younger than me, blonder than me, shorter than me and thinner than me, but we were indistinguishable to my new Asian (I think Vietnamese) friend.

She explained more about the problem and asked, "You look up on Internet?" That's no problem, but her legal issue was. She wanted to know how to legally dissolve her relationship with her daughter, like a divorce only with a child.

Upon questioning her further I discovered that her daughter is 35 and insists that her mother is still responsible for all of her bills and her boyfriend's too. I printed off some pages for my friend from the American Bar Association listing the "rights" of an 18 year-old. It started with, "You're 18, your responsible for yourself, your mother isn't."

She smiled, thanked me and left with two print out pages but I know she would have been happier with a form to be filed at the courthouse.


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