Friday, December 17, 2010

The Santa Conspiracy

I read recently "Santa is an anagram for Satan." The author was making a humorous comment, I think it was after working as a Santa's elf in a large department store in New York City.

But is it really funny? Is there truth in it? Who is Santa? Where did he come from? Why is he more popular than Jesus at Christmas time? And why am I the only one bothered by him? Have you ever read a paragraph with nothing but questions?

When I was a child I believed in Santa, truly believed. Was I the only one? Did everyone else know it was just pretend? When a neighbor told me that there was no such thing as Santa, that my parents put the presents under the tree and filled my stocking, and that the Santa at the mall was just a guy dressed up in a costume, I was devastated. A truth I believed in crumbled. My parents had lied to me, my teachers had lied to me, people I didn't know lied to me when they asked me, "What's Santa bringing you this year?"

I lost the ability to know what was true and what wasn't. I seriously wondered if school was a conspiracy. Maybe we were just told we had to go to school but some day down the line we'd find out that it was all a hoax. They were just pretending about the things they taught us. Have you ever seen the Matrix?

When I had children, I did not tell them about Santa. I try not to lie to my children. I want them to trust me and know they can always believe me.

I am blessed with a six-year-old grandchild. My daughter has not "done Santa" with him either. When he started to school she had a talk with him and told him not to tell the other children that Santa isn't real. He did fine in pre-K and Kindergarten but this year the teacher had a talk with Beth. Apparently Owen told some of the kids that he doesn't believe in Santa. I don't know what the teacher wanted Beth to do about it. I mean, Santa isn't real. Is it strange to anyone else that the parent of the kid who is telling the truth gets a conference with the teacher? You better do something about Owen telling the truth about Santa. We do not want the truth about Santa to get out. How is that right?

Tonight Owen started a conversation with me:

Owen: Gingie, I want to put cookies out for Santa this year to see if he is real.

Me: Santa isn't real. You don't have to put cookies out to make sure.

Owen: But some adults believe in Santa.

Me: No they don't. What adults do you think believe in Santa?

Owen: My teacher. She said she believes in Santa. He lives in her heart.

Me: Your teacher knows Santa isn't real. He doesn't live anywhere because he doesn't exist.

Owen: Santa lives in my heart.

I'm starting to get steamed at this point: No Owen, Santa does not live in your heart. Who does live in your heart?

Owen: Santa and God.

Me: No just God.

Owen: Jesus lives in my heart. I love Jesus. And I love Santa.

Me: Oh for Pete's sake!

I feel like the teacher meant well but was out of line. How is forcing Santa down Owen's throat any different than trying to convince a student that Jesus is Lord? And we all know that's illegal.

It really bothers me that Santa is center stage at Christmas. It's the birth of Jesus. The beginning of God living on earth with us. Why can't the fake fat man in the red suit take his holiday and celebrate it some other time?

The Night Before Christmas is a great poem. Who knew it would create such chaos?

Maybe there's something to Santa being an anagram for Satan.

Does anyone have wisdom for me or stories of your own? God Bless us every one!


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Mari said...

poor owen. that teacher isn't doing right -- seems like discretion is in order, that she shouldn't lie to him against beth's wishes. auntie m loves baby o no matter what he thinks he believes!