Monday, December 27, 2010

On the Second Day of Christmas...

Good things come in twos:

Two grandmas
Two parents
Two sisters
Two daughters

Two aunts
Two uncles
Two nephews
Two nieces

Two jobs
Two libraries
Two bosses
Two paychecks

Two arms
Two legs
Two eyes
Two ears

Two in a couple
Two in a marriage
Two testaments in the Bible
There's love in each pair

Pair of shoes
Pair of socks
Pair of gloves
Pair of glasses

Mary and Joseph
Angels and shepherds
Sheep and a manger
Matthew and Luke

Hope and Peace
Joy and Love
Advent and Christmas
Twelve days of Christmas end at Epiphany

Ash Wednesday and Lent
Easter and Pentecost
Ordinary time and Christ the King Sunday
We're back to Advent and Christmas, start over again

I'm sure there is more. What have I left out?

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