Friday, December 10, 2010

Just Say No

Christmas Dinner at Work,

I should have known better.

I ate lunch before I went to work

to avoid temptations.

I got to work early so Roxanne could go to lunch.

I already ate lunch, you go eat. No, you go. No you.

I won,

Roxanne took a short lunch break.

She came back and insisted that I go enjoy the Christmas banquet.

I've got to learn to say no.

A platter of potato and rice dishes,


The refrigerator full of desserts,


Baked bean,

I love beans but

These contained more sugar than beans.


I love hamburger meat but

These were slow cooked in sweet Bar B Q sauce.

Chinese vegetable dish,

Usually a favorite of mine but

These were served with sweet red sauce.

Homemade French bread,

Delicious but

The Glycemic index for glucose (sugar in the blood) is 100, white bread 70 and table sugar 68.

I’m on sugar overload,

heading to a sugar coma.

I’ve got to learn to say NO

And mean it.

1 comment:

Mari said...

I feel the same way. I did a little better, maybe? There was ham that wasn't too sweet and some salads. I got sick this afternoon though, so my body didn't appreciate whatever it was I ate. It was a fun time and good fellowship!