Thursday, July 1, 2010

Is it July Already?

Time flies when you're having fun, and even when you're not.

Goodbye to June. It was a good month with our last visit to New York City, Vacation Bible School, five days with the house to myself when the husband was gone fishing, seeing The A Team, got my annual doctor appointment taken care of, started cutting strips of plastic bags for crocheted plarn sleeping mats service project and crocheted my first Swiffer socks, working more hours at the public library and LOVING Thursday craft day, the first day of summer, Leon Day (June 25, Leon spelled backwards is Noel, it's 6 months until Christmas), some good clearance sales, becoming a hat person, and celebrating birthdays.

July is here now. The 4th of July is a key holiday and then there's Beth's birthday. One can only imagine what other wonderful surprises July has in store for us. Perhaps a Siamese kitten? What are you hoping for?

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