Monday, June 28, 2010

Crocheted Swiffer Sock

Mari sent me a link to this fabulous crochet project. I just finished my first sock and have started a second one. It's a great carry along project, instructions easy to remember and it requires just a bit of yarn. The sock fits my swiffer and also the Clorox version I have.

I love this project for so many reasons:
  1. You can use any left over yarn.
    It's quick and simple.
  2. It's green---reusable, done with the disposable sheets
  3. Save money too not having to buy more sheets
  4. It would make a fun present---I'm thinking it may be a Swiffer kind of Christmas, house warming, wedding showers...

1 comment:

Mari said...

Love it! Can't wait for Christmas!!!