Monday, June 14, 2010

A New Hat because

Mari had been looking for a hat to take on her honeymoon cruise. Walking home through St. Mark's Place I spied a hat with adjustable Velcro. I thought this might be just the ticket to insure a comfortable fit. The salesman attacked us, reminiscent of Tijuana. He said I could have the hat for $25.
Mari offered zero, as she wanted a hat to cover her entire head. The guy countered with $20, an excellent deal he claimed. But we didn't want the hat. What we wanted was to get away from him.

I almost never buy anything that isn't on sale. Woody Allen said that is the Jewish 11th commandment. BUT when I was in Dillard's and saw this hat, not on sale, for $18, $2 less than the incredible deal at St. Mark's Place, I bought it.

Beth so kindly took pictures of me wearing the new hat. The last one is trying to adjust my hair to wear it like a sun visor. Maybe not that great of a look.

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Mari said...

i like it! winner of a deal!!!