Wednesday, June 9, 2010

God and the Subway

God is omnipresent. We aren't surprised to feel his presence in church, in nature, on the face of a new born baby, but in the New York subway, really?

It was our last full day in New York. We carried beach towels, lunch, umbrellas, sand toys, beach chairs, water, sunscreen, purses, coverups, hats, and other sundry items to the subway on our way to Coney Island. We got on the subway at the NYU stop looking ready for a fun day at the beach.

I was the last of us to get off the train when we transferred at Canal Street. Hurrying to keep up I stepped in a puddle of water (I pray it was water) and slipped forward, lost my balance and went crashing to the floor. My family wasn't even aware I was down. I watched them go up the stairs to our next train. Before I could even think about getting up, three teenage girls circled me, "Are you alright?" Outstretched hands helping me get up. Picking up my scattered paraphernalia and asking again, "Are you alright?" I was fine, embarrassed more than anything and worried my family would go on to Coney Island without me. I thanked the girls and told them how kind they were and rushed to catch up.

I made it in time to catch the next train. When my daughter asked me, "How'd you get dirt all over your arm?" I told her about my fall and about the teenagers who rushed to my rescue. She cleaned my arm. I didn't mention my wet dress.

It was a longish ride to Coney Island so I had plenty of time to reflect on the experience. Those girls offered me the hands of God. Their actions were God at work. I wonder if they know. And I didn't even say "God Bless you" or anything like it. So I've been praying for them. They come to mind often and I lift them up in prayer, that God might bless them as he used them to bless me. If you want to, say a prayer for these girls now.

Be on the lookout, God truly is everywhere. He can be found in the most unexpected places.


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