Monday, May 31, 2010

Does anyone else have a life like this?

I couldn't find my checkbook. I didn't really worry about it because from past experience I knew it would turn up. And it did. When I was changing purses, there was the checkbook just waiting to be found.

I put it in my church bag so I could write a check on Sunday. In the meantime I lost track of my credit card. The last time I remembered having it was when I took it to the post office to pay for sending some packages. But then what? No idea. It didn't show up so I enlisted God's help. He can see where my lost stuff is and has an amazing way of leading me to it. An idea flew in my funnel (Thomas the Tank Engine), maybe it was cold that day and I wore a jacket. What if I put the card in a pocket. A favorite jacket is my pink hoodie from Venice Beach, CA. It's one of the few I hadn't put up with the winter clothes. I got kind of tingly walking to the closet, thinking, "This'll be a miracle if it's in that pocket." Oh yes it was. I reached in the pocket and felt a square piece of plastic. Hello VISA! Thank you God!

So happy to have my credit card back, I decided to sit down and pay my WalMart bill. But I couldn't find it or my checkbook. Remember I put it in my church bag? Well, it wasn't there. I looked three times. Maybe I'd already gotten it out to pay my WalMart bill. I looked in all the likely places. It was gone for over two weeks. I paid my WalMart bill on-line and started to worry that I might have accidentally thrown my checkbook away with a bunch of poop sheets (newspaper ads) that had been on the coffee table. I asked God to assist me in finding my checkbook if it were still in the house. I walked through the kitchen and picked up some magaziness that were on a side table to see how old they were. To myself, "Wouldn't it be funny and miraculous if the checkbook was under there." You guessed it! There it was. The checkbook, the WalMart bill and my professional organization membership renewal. God delivers!

A friend jokingly told me that I'd better be careful and not wear out God's patience. Fortunately that's not possible. And our little lost and found adventures are a source of conversation, time spent together and in the end a miracle seen and appreciated. I think if God didn't enjoy his part, then he would help me find my mind. Maybe that's up next.

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