Friday, July 9, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Car

I read the nablopomo prompt for today and in my memory it was "Tell about something embarrassing that happened to you." Upon revisiting the site, I find the real prompt is "What's a bad thing that happened to you that ended up turning into something good?" I'm sticking with the embarrassing prompt.

I parked my car in the parking lot, on a mission to get my grandson so his mom could go out on a date. Beth modeled three potential tops to wear on her date. We both liked the same one the best. Trying on tops reminded Beth that she had some sports bras she wanted to give me. They were too big on her but she thought they might fit me. We won't go into that any further. I slung the bras over my wrist and "wore" them around the apartment so that I wouldn't forget to take them with me.

Owen and I walked to the car hand in hand. We crossed paths with a young man, perhaps just getting home from work. He smiled real big and I said hello. He returned the greeting and I thought, "He sure is in a good mood." I opened the car door for Owen to get in and noticed the bras still dangling from my arm. Well, that explains the big smile.

I got in the car and called Beth. I wanted to tell her the story and see if she thought it was funny. She did. So instead of telling you something bad that turned out good, I've told you something embarrassing that turned out to be funny. Embarrassing moments should always be funny. It makes being embarrassed worthwhile.

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