Thursday, July 29, 2010


My mom only had sisters, I only had sisters, my children only have sisters. That's a female legacy.

We're silly, we're funny, we like to laugh.
We're smart, we're witty, we like to learn.
We're adventurous, we try new things, we go new places.

Sheryl likes it hot, Susan's in the middle, I like it cool.
Susan has one daughter. I have two daughters. Sheryl has three nieces.

Susan and Sheryl were born in California. I was born in Kansas.
Susan and Sheryl live in California. I live in Oklahoma.
Susan and Sheryl are both blond. I have red hair.

We grew up together. We've celebrated together. We've grieved together.
We have the same mom, the same dad, the same family.

I've known my sisters all their lives. I'm the oldest.
Sheryl has known her sisters all of HER life. She's the youngest.
Susan is older than Sheryl but younger than me.

We're creative, artistic, with a flair for the unique.
Sheryl's a potter, Susan's art is in the garden, I blog.

Sydney, Susan, Sheryl...Sisters..................................................
I saw these coasters in Tuesday Morning and I thought I should get them for my sisters and me because our names all start with S. But I didn't. I got them because S is for Sisters.


Sydney said...

From Maria:
With red hair, you've got to be Irish sometime back.....I'm from a Perry family and there's lots of redheads in it. The Irish branch of the family. It is originally a British name. Would you believe Sydney, that there is an Indian branch of the family? When I came out here in '94 my young nephew was being taught in school by a lady called Deborah Perry. She was from an Anglo-Indian family, that is Indian but of British descent. That family's last generation had all daughters who got married so the name has gone from Lucknow now. I never got to meet Deborah because she married soon after and went to live with her husband in the middle east. I met one of her sisters though. A lady named Gertrude, can't remember her married name. What a small world it is! I'm so glad we've met...

Sydney said...

From Heather: are my sisters...(we also have one brother) Lexi, Heather and Shannon.

See picture at:

Sydney said...

From Sri:
That's a brilliant poetic narration of the relationship !!

Joanne Keevers said...

Hi Sydney,
I must have missed this post on NaBloPoMo, so pleased to find it here.
I'm the youngest of four girls (no brothers) and between the four of us we have 9 boys and only 3 girls.
It's lovely to hear about your family. :)