Monday, July 12, 2010


One thing that's been on my "To Do Before I Die List" since high school is to see a Broadway musical. My friend, Anne, and I (Anne, where are you?) loved to go to Broadway Musical movies. Funny Girl, Jesus Christ Super Star, West Side Story, The Music Man, The Sound of Music... We'd go see them at the drive-in. That was probably as much fun as sitting in a Broadway theater.

I had a hard time envisioning how I'd ever pull off a trip to New York City. The expense, the trauma of being in such a large city, having to travel by subway, the distance to get there, where to stay... And then my daughter made the whole thing happen. She got married and moved to Manhattan with her husband. All I had to do was buy a plane ticket. She met me at the airport, transported me back to their apartment in the east village, got reasonable theater tickets through her husband's job, took me by the hand as we rode the subway to the theater and enjoyed the experience with me.

I checked "See a Broadway Musical" off of my list in June of this year. We saw West Side Story and Billy Elliot. My favorite part of musical theater has always been the end, applauding and giving standing ovations and the actors taking their bows. It's just all so very happy. Billy Elliott had a really neat encore presentation with dancing and the cast still in character. A new favorite part for me was walking out of the theater at 11:00 at night and feeling like it was daytime. Bright lights, crowds of people having a good time, music, activity, and fun fun fun.

I actually saw West Side Story with my younger daughter and Billy Elliott with both daughters. My New York City daughter is moving to Baton Rouge in August. I wonder if there are any time share apartments in Time Square.

I always wear my pearls to the theater. My sister-in-law, Lee Ann, gave them to me. And I like to post a picture of me wearing them to show her that I always have a good time when I'm wearing my pearls.


Mari said...

We could plan annual (?) theater trips to NYC. And surely some productions will travel through New Orleans!

Sydney said...

My new NaBloProMo friend, Heather, pasted a comment into her blog from her email. What a great idea. Here's one from my sister-in-law.

You look beautiful in your pearls! I do enjoy reading your blog, and I am glad you fell for the southern drawl and became my sister.

Sydney said...

I'm up for annual (?) trips to NYC. Do Lisa and Doug have a guest room? :~)