Monday, July 26, 2010

Saved by Grace

I haven't shared my salvation story in a long time, never in a blog post. How could I not share it in a month with the theme: SAVED?

I grew up going to church and Sunday school. I took a communicants class and joined the church in junior high. Then high school - separating from the parents, thinking I was thinking on my own, reading material with different world views, growing, wondering and wandering. But that was just the beginning, college - party down, living "on my own," bombarded with new philosophies, new lifestyles, it was the 60's.

After spending my senior year at the University of Heidelberg, I came home to finish my degree at UC Irvine. I fell back into my friendship with my high school friend, Ann, who had become, as we called "them" then, a Jesus freak. I loved Ann and we had a great time together but she was always pestering me about Jesus and the Bible and eternal life. I decided to read the New Testament and explain to Ann all of its inconsistencies and show her how ridiculous she was being.

I started reading. I believe it was somewhere in "The Acts of the Apostles" when I put the Bible down and said, "Jesus, I want to receive this Holy Spirit that I am reading about." Poof, it was done, I was a Jesus freak too.

The Word of God is powerful. Read it and tell me how it affects you.


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Sydney said...

From Heather:
I knew I was a sinner the very first time I ever heard the truth. I have always had the grace given by God to repent of my sin and seek the Lord. I have been a believer since 1984. Thank God for the blood of Christ which still covers it all!

From Lisa: (not Hart)
I believe we are the cusp of a Jesus Rediscovery or at least a return to religious conviction here in the US. I think the 70's -90's were decades coated with the false sense of self efficiency. With the turn of the economy and the core struggles of so many including those accustomed to 'having', there is an awakening and realization we are not just 'self' but a compilation of our beliefs, actions and convictions. In this is a newer recognition or realization that one's relationship with God is vital. I was saved as a young girl, age 11. Jesus lives in my life and I can not be thankful enough for blessings bestowed upon me and sprinkled richly through all my days.