Saturday, July 17, 2010

From the Center of the Universe to Toilet Seats

I used to think I was the center of the library universe. My Boss told me that I could work the third Saturday of every month and the rest of the librarians would rotate around me. I felt like the sun in a galaxy of books. Then the other librarians figured out that working the same Saturday each month has benefits. You can make plans far into the future. Example: My friend asks, "Would you like to meet for lunch the first Saturday in March, 2012?" I answer, " Sure, I only work on the third Saturday." Also it isn't so confusing. You always know when you are supposed to be at work. So everyone claimed a Saturday and someone suggested we rotate the fifth Saturday, taking turns working it. I knew right away I couldn't handle that. I'd be a bundle of nerves wondering if this is a month with a fifth Saturday, and if so, is it my turn to work it? So I volunteered to work all of them. This also helps with my quest to get all the money in the world.

I worked at the public library today because every July has a third Saturday. This year also has a fifth Saturday in July so I'll be back again in two weeks. That's fine with me because I really do enjoy this job for many reasons.

However, if I could change one thing about this job, it would be the public bathroom. The best improvement would be building an employees bathroom. The super best solution would be a private bathroom for every employee, but that ain't happening any more than a new all employees bathroom.

So what's so bad about our bathroom? EVERYONE uses it. On Wednesdays, 800 kids come for the two programs and that's not counting the kids who are in the library but don't go to a program. I think every one of them makes use of our bathroom at some point in their stay at the library. And most of those are in the women's bathroom. The kids go to the bathrooms with their moms or female daycare workers. Very few dads are at these programs. There are also all the women patrons who are not there for the children's program. They all have to use the bathroom too. You know how we women are. And the people getting on and off the bus have to come in for a quick pee. You can imagine how disgusting it can get by the end of the day.

And we don't even have toilet seat covers, or Nixon campaign hats as we used to call them in the 60's. It was funny back then. I think it still is. Toilet seat covers haven't really caught on in Oklahoma. You almost never see them. I don't know about you, but I've got to keep something between me and the toilet seat. There's no telling who all has been there before me. I have never perfected draping toilet paper over the seat. It just does not want to stay. Some people have told me they don't sit down, they sort of hover over the seat. That is no easy task either. Maybe I could crochet portable toilet seat covers with Velcro to hold them on. Maybe I could sell them (all the money in the world getting closer) or give them as Christmas gifts. I think I'll look for a pattern the next time I'm at the public library.

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