Saturday, July 24, 2010

Harold's Birthday, a Celebration

At church last Sunday, Harold's niece whispered in my ear, "Surprise 80th birthday party for Harold next Saturday in Fellowship Hall." She didn't know what time.

My mother-in-law reminded me of the party during the week and supplied the missing information, the party is at 2:00. My daughter called me this morning with an interesting question, "Does the party start at 2:00 or is Harold showing up at 2:00? " I decided to go at 1:45 to be safe. My husband came in from mowing at 1:30 and told me the party started at 1:00 and there were cars all around the church. Really?

I walked down to church, it is just 1/2 block from my house, found Harold in the midst of a mob of people, and yelled "Surprise!" We hugged and Harold said, "Can you believe all this?" Then he was swept off into the next conversation. I put my card in the box overflowing with other birthday wishes and looked for a place to park myself.

I don't think I've ever seen that many people in Fellowship Hall before and there was enough food to feed twice as many. I ate a big lunch before I went so I could resist birthday cake. Who knew there'd be all that yummy regular food? I'm such a partier, I drank a class of water.

Harold is a precious man. He's our church treasurer and sings in the choir (our favorite song is "I'm Winging My Way Back Home" because Harold has a small solo part in it). He was once known as "Mr. Candy Man" on a local children's TV program back in the 60's. He sang and danced and showed cartoons from what I've been told. Since retiring from civil service, Harold has become a traveler, going on trips with his wife and her twin sister. Sometimes cousins and in-laws come along too, making it Harold and a gaggle of women. He is just that fun to be with.

A year ago Harold had a bout with lung cancer. It was a scary time for us all. Thank God the treatments worked and Harold won that fight. For his birthday he got an x-ray report, "NO CANCER." Hurray!

All I have left to say is, 80 doesn't seem that old anymore.


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