Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I started my day with a list. I have better luck getting things done if I write them down. It helps me remember and I can always check back to see what's left. Then at the end of the day, when I look at the list with all (or most) of the items checked off, I get a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

We have an expression in my family, "We need to make a list." It might be things we need to buy at the store, places to visit on vacation, people to contact about an upcoming event...I'm pretty sure we could find a way to list just about anything.

My daughter is moving to Baton Rouge and was looking at blogs written about the city. She found CheekyCherry tweeting a list of 225 (Baton Rouge area code) things about the red stick (translation of Baton Rouge). Mari got busy creating NYC: The 212 List. Mari even has a search criteria on her blog: List.

A friend at work told me she was thinking of going to Seattle and wondered if I could tell her what she should do while she's there. My response: "We need to make a list." But first let's see what the area code for Seattle is. 206.

That fits right in with NYC and BR. So let's get started.
  1. Visit my friend Linda.
  2. Visit my friend Barbara
  3. Drink Coffee
  4. Look at/go to Mount Rainier
  5. Ride the Ferries
  6. The Space Needle
  7. Microsoft (Visit Bill Gates?)
  8. Amazon.com (I love Amazon.com)
  9. Puget Sound
  10. Tour Pioneer Square by Street Car
  11. Wineries
  12. Visit Seattle Public Library downtown (Thanks Ann! Only 194 ideas to go)
  13. Woodland Park Zoo (Linda, 193)
  14. Parks (Linda 192)
  15. Beaches (Linda 191)
  16. Downtown (Linda 190)
  17. Pike Place Market (Linda, 189)
  18. Try to find iCarly (?) (Owen, 188)
  19. Cherries (187)

That's a pretty weak start, even with the help of Google. Can you help me because I need 195 more ideas to complete my list. Just leave a comment with any ideas you have, great or small. Thanks.

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Ann said...

Syd--You have to have "Visit Seattle Public Library downtown!"