Friday, April 23, 2010

Carrying On A Tradition

Just about a year ago I wrote about my mom's Homemade Cards. She made funny cards using words and pictures from newspapers and magazines along with stickers or whatever found items seemed to fit. She thought we would enjoy spending the money a card would cost on something else so she'd enclose the money she saved by making a card instead of buying one. I did that for my friends last year and got wonderful responses. This year, my friend Cheryl sent me $5 in a homemade card to keep the tradition going. I wanted to be as creative as she had been and finally decided I would buy brown socks with the money. I have every color but brown and lots of brown clothes. I didn't set out to find brown socks, I knew at some point they would find me and today they did. I hit the mother load.

Beth and I went to Altus so I could enroll at WOSC for an online Journalism class in fall. That took all of 5 minutes so we had lunch and then went to a couple of stores. At a shoe store, I found these socks on sale for $1 a pair. I had $5 so I picked out 4 pairs of brown socks saving $1 for tax. One of the employees told me that everything in the store was buy one, get the second one half off, even clearance sale socks. So I got 2 more pairs of socks. My grand total was $4.89. Thank you Cheryl for six pairs of socks and 11 cents to put in Owen's train bank. Happy Birthday to me!

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