Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fairytales Can Come True...

It might not exactly be a fairytale, but things did go well at the RIF hearing tonight.

I made my opening statement and the board told me I was noble to agree to take the part time position. They expressed their gratitude for the job I've done and said they would work hard to get the library back to a full time position. I was stunned. I didn't know anyone appreciated the library. A teacher said, "Who wouldn't appreciate the library? It is enormously important to the school." I had no idea.

A board member asked that the language be changed from half-time to 20 hours. That was an important and insightful change because I need 20 hours per week, not half of 35 hours, to keep my insurance. I felt like the board had my back. They also asked that if funding was not as bad as anticipated, that my position would be reinstated to full time. The answer was yes. So who knows, I may be full time next year anyway.

After the meeting I was told that had I not offered to accept part-time, the vote would have been different, meaning they would have maintained my full time position. I am excited about going part-time. Maybe it won't happen, maybe it will be just for a year. Who knows. I'm starting to relax already just thinking about the extra time in my future.

I left the meeting feeling appreciated. One board member asked me not to look for employment elsewhere because they would do what it takes to keep me. Another said to let them know when retirement was near so they could get me back full time to make the most of retirement.

So tonight was just another thing that happened, in a long line of things that happen.

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