Friday, April 16, 2010

It's a Lovely Day in the Neighborhood

It’s a lovely day in the neighborhood.

But it didn’t start out that way. We had an interesting teacher training/in service/continuing education today. But the topic was ugly, about gangs and drugs.

For 2 hours we heard stories about:

  1. elementary school kids bringing prescription drugs to school to share with friends,
  2. drugs mixed up in candy to entice children (strawberry whip),
  3. teenagers selling their parent’s painkillers for $5-$20 per pill,
  4. a deadly new drug from the UK made out of fertilizer,
  5. web sites that tell kids exactly what kind of high a drug will give them,
  6. fight club gangs,
  7. MS13 is a brutal gang from South America,
  8. pseudophedrine is the only thing in Methamphetamine that is made for human consumption,
  9. crank gets its name from the early 70’s when bikers hid it in the crank cases of their bikes,
  10. zinc and diet soda mixed in certain quantities creates amphetamine in your stomach,
  11. buildings blowing up,
  12. chemicals burning off body parts,
  13. fumes causing health problems for children & law enforcement.

We saw horrifying pictures of open Meth sores,
external tumors on babies,
young people who look dead....

Things are getting worse all the time.

What can we do? It is overwhelming.
It’s sad and scary.
It’s so dark and ugly out there. Hell on earth.
God needs to bust into this.
I like to live in a rose colored world.

It rained all day, a nice soft rain with cool breezes.

It feels good to be home again cuddly in my chenille robe. I need to go find my fuzzy slippers, my toes are cold. I’m going to put water on for hot chocolate. Safe, comfortable and happy, I wish everyone could feel this way.


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