Friday, April 2, 2010

Yesterday was a BIG Day

April 1st was Thursday, the new Friday. My school takes Fridays off instead of spring break. We like it so much that we are looking into making next year an entire 4 day week year. The day will have to be extended to make the hours come out right but it will be worth it. Thursdays are my new favorite workday.

April Fool’s Day began for me with the Google and Topeka name switch. I thought it was clever and amusing. The rest of the day was filled with student style April Fools jokes, none worth mentioning.

My library aides and I hid Easter eggs for the 1st and 3rd graders at the town park. It was a beautiful day, warm but windy. We hid the eggs, they found the eggs, then we ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and drank Gatorade together. We went back to school leaving them to play on the park playground.

Right after school, I had a hair appointment. I spent three hours with Pam. She washed my hair, cut my hair, styled my hair, and made me blond again. Oh how I wish the pictures I take of myself looked good. Is it the camera, me, or my inability to deal with reality? I will post one because you’ve got to see my cute hair.

My new hair and I barely made it to church in time for the Maundy Thursday service. In a nut shell, Maundy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles. We had a good service. Janie played the piano, Russ is back from his sabbatical, Patrick had a good message, two precious kids from other churches brought in and took out the light of Christ (they were acolytes), we sang and took communion. To read the church blog post about our service, click

Ahhh, then home. Eating leftovers in my recliner watching The Mentalist, a little crochet during CSI. And I have Bones DVR’d for later. Thursday is also my favorite TV night.

I finished off the day on the computer checking my favorite social networks, reading email which sends me in many different directions as the sender inspires me, web voting in support of my favorite teenage Christian rock band, and writing an outline for this post.* I stayed up late. That’s okay because I didn’t have to get up early today. I love the three day weekends.

And now to get started on Friday.

*I listened to a college lecture called “The Sentence.” The professor was a BIG fan of the long sentence. Ever since I listened to it, I find myself trying to construct long but understandable sentences.

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