Sunday, April 11, 2010

Using God's Gifts

There’s a recurring theme weaving in and out of my life, "Using God’s Gifts": CURE FOR THE COMMON LIFE (the book that I’m reading), the sermon this morning and then Sunday school, a conversation with my niece-in-law (is there such a thing?). There must be something here to blog about.

Do you know what your gifts are? What things have you always done? What do you like to do? Have you felt successful about doing something? Put that all together and you have a gift.

I have the gift of writing. I love to write. So many people don’t. I understand grammar and actually love it. I am intrigued by words. I have always kept a journal. Most professional writers say you have to be a reader to be a writer. I’ve been a reader since I first learned to read. My mom got me subscriptions to comic books and weekly reader over the summer. We always went to the public library. I’m a letter writer and now an email writer.

So how do I use this gift from God? I write newsletters and blog. I write a weekly church newsletter and contribute most of the information to our church blog. I write a weekly school newsletter that is less direct in evangelism. I promote the news of our churches and give accolades to students and teachers sharing their news and accomplishments. I also do a monthly newsletter for the Public Library. I write to a young man in prison who acts like I have done something wonderful by writing to him. That reminds me of Mother Teresa’s saying, “We can do no great things, just small things with great love.” Let me add, with God’s love.

Last but not least is my personal blog. It has a limited readership but I hope God’s voice is recognized from time to time. This is the place where I can be me, write from my heart, be goofy, and hopefully be a vessel through which God’s light can shine.

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