Friday, April 3, 2009

Home Made Cards

These are flowers bought by my friend Cheryl with the $5.00 I sent her for her birthday. Why did I send her $5.00? It's something my mom used to do, although back then it was only $2 or $3. Instead of sending Hallmark cards on occasions like Valentine's Day, Easter or Halloween, she would make cards by gluing pictures from magazines to colorful paper, add glitter and maybe a few stickers. Then she would enclose the money she would have spent on a card had she bought one. She thought we'd enjoy spending the money on something besides a card. She was right. I decided to bring back my mom's homemade card idea this year for birthdays. My niece, Lisa, wrote and told me she put the $5.00 on her Starbucks card. What a clever idea. I'm so happy to have treated Lisa to a tasty beverage and the enjoyment that drinking a cup of coffee brings. I challenged Cheryl to be creative with her $5.00 and she rose to the occasion. Since Cheryl started working part time, she quit treating herself to fresh flowers. $5.00 was enough to bring these flowers back into her life. And they lasted for two weeks! They are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the picture, Cheryl.

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Mari said...

You should add your blog URL to your email signature files so your friends can know about the blog and keep up with you. Love, Mari