Friday, April 17, 2009

Beanie Babies Update

Our Beanie Baby project has soared into outer limits. Zeke Campfield, of the Lawton Constitution, wrote an amazing story about JB McClung and how he started throwing Beanie Babies to the children in Iraq. I hope to get the link to the story so I can post it for you to read.

The response has been incredible. First, a woman from Lawton called to tell us she had 80 Beanie Babies to give us. She has hundreds more and may cull her collection even further. Later a woman called from Sterling offering to send some Beanie babies our way. The next morning a man from Fletcher dropped off 100 Beanie Babies from his wife. Later that afternoon, Carrie Thomason, our school counselor, went to collect 10 copy paper boxes full of Beanie Babies. There are approximately 800 Beanie Babies in this table top pile. To me, this is what generosity looks like. We are now looking for ways to pay for postage so these BBs can get to Iraq and start playing with their new friends.

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