Monday, November 29, 2010

A Thread of Thoughts on TV

I look forward to Mondays, not because I get to go back to work after the weekend, but because I get to watch Castle. Castle wasn't on last Monday because of "Skating with the Stars." Are you kidding me? Now we gotta SKATE with the stars? And this week it's the CMA Country Christmas. Really? You couldn't find some other time slot? From bad to worse.

Besides the local news, Castle is the only ABC show I watch. I'm more of a CBS Person: NCIS and NCIS LA, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, Medium, CSI, CSI Miami, and Hawaii Five-O.

Hawaii Five-O airs at the same time as Castle so I DVR it, except lately I've had to watch it live. I don't know why those two shows have to be on at the same time (at least when ABC decides to air Castle). They appeal to the same audience so why not jostle the time and save some space on the DVR.

Other shows I like are Burn Notice and Psyche on USA, The Closer and Leverage on TNT and Bones on FOX.

I like a good mystery and I like quirky. That's why I like Castle so much. He is ruggedly good looking and plays poker (and the part of a mystery writer) with real mystery writers James Patterson and Stephen J. Cannell.

In looking at this list of TV mystery shows, I'm stunned by how many of them have women in charge of the police department or other agency. That set includes: Castle, NCIS LA (regular NCIS used to have a female agency director), The Mentalist, Hawaii Five-O (I'm thinking of the governor who calls all the shots), CSI, The Closer, Psyche and Bones.

Are you feeling brain dead after being immersed in trivial television prattle? Pay me back by leaving your thoughts on TV shows you like to watch.

I'm going to look for a Castle online, hopefully one I haven't seen, so Monday night won't be a total disappointment.

But then, tonight is the eve of the last day of November NaBloPoMo blogging. Have you blogged every day so far? Only one more day to go. We can do it.



Anonymous said...

Finally, got what I was looking for!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it. Glad I stumbled into this article! smile I have you saved to check out new stuff you post.

Sydney said...

I forgot about shows not airing right now like: Covert Affairs and In Plain Sight.

rick said...
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