Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day, Oklahoma Style

November 2---Election Day

Dju vote? (Did you vote?)

Last night we had a family get together to go over the state questions and the people running for state offices. My husband is a registered Democrat, my daughter is a member of NEA and I am neither of those things but we didn't argue much because we are all basically conservative Christians at heart.

Beth is still registered to vote in Indiahoma so she and Owen spent the night with us. Beth got up early this morning, voted at 7:00 a.m. and then left for Lawton to drop Owen off at school and go on to her job.

Later in the morning I had a discussion with my pre-teaching class about the voting process and what was on the ballot today. That was when I realized that we had misread one of the questions. My family was against the proposal so thought we'd vote no, we don't want that thing to happen. But it was worded "This measure prohibits courts from..." so a yes vote makes that thing not happen. Geez, does it have to be so difficult?

After our voting Q & A session, we went on a field trip to the polling site which is just two blocks from the school in the town "mini mall" (a cafe, the town office, a game room, an antique shop, a hair salon and the Senior Citizen's Center which is where people go to vote). I love to teach things in a "real life" situation. I was allowed to take my ballot out of the polling room to show the kids what it looks like and how it gets filled out. I couldn't complete the entire front and back of the ballot with everyone looking over my shoulder so I went back into the voting room. When I came out, my students were playing pool and drinking Cokes. I'd call that a successful class field trip.

The polls are closed now in Oklahoma but it will still be awhile before we know the final results. Election coverage is on all the major networks. I've had my fill of politics for one day. I'm going to go watch Glee.

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