Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Morning Moment

Reprinted with permission from the author, LaRae Collins

It happens every fall when I go to the greenhouse to buy pansies. I drive to Smith’s Greenhouse thinking, “This year I’ll do only those beautiful (supply your own color) pansies with the (supply another color) faces, Those are my favorites.”

But when I walk in the door and see row upon row of those brilliant flowers, I’m suddenly in a tizzy. There is no way I can choose only one color. True, the blue ones are stunning, but look at those deep purple ones! And the red with the yellow tips . . .oh, my goodness. I look and look and look and put different colors in my basket, then take them out again and replace them with different colors. But after at least 30 minutes , I always choose flats with a mix of all the colors and types together. There is no way I can choose only one. They are all beautiful in their own way.

Rather like our children and our students, I’m thinking. If you’re a parent of more than one child, try to choose your favorite. Choose your favorite grandchild. Choose your favorite student. Choose your favorite friend. Impossible.

Luckily, we don’t have to choose – we have the opportunity to be surrounded by many kinds of people: velvety purple ones with ruffled edges, deep red ones with bright yellow faces, and those delicate ice-blue ones that remind me of the color of Noah’s eyes. All different, all colorful, all beautiful.

Wishing you a colorful, wonderful week.


LaRae is my sister/friend (who is really my husband’s cousin). As a school counselor, she writes Monday Morning Moment to give the faculty a positive start to each week. LaRae is a rainbow of color herself.

A tribute to my sister/friend, LaRae:

An awesome person is she; a
Beautiful and
Caring Christian with a
Delightful flare for design and decoration who is
Funny, fabulous, a friend and family. Her
Generous nature is a gift from God. She's a
Happy hostess, hilarious, holy and honorable. With
Joy, she is
Kind and
Loving. Her kids call her
Mom, she's a mentor to many. She is
Noble and
Open (what you see is what you get);
Perfectly precious,
Quirky and
So smart and
Talented (her Monday Morning Moment makes that obvious);
Ultimately unique, there's only one LaRae.
With a wonderful wit, she is
eXceptional and
Young at heart with a
Zealous zest for life.

She is my sister/friend (who is really my husband’s cousin).


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