Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's All Good

What an absolutely wonderful day. It started out normal, like usual, but when 2nd hour began, things took a turn for the better. I always have a good day at school but this was better.

I gave my high school kids the assignment to call the Salvation Army and ask if they would like to have the sleeping mats we've been making. They talked about what to say. Mandi appointed herself secretary and wrote everything down and then organized the information into a telephone conversation. Grady asked me, "Do we have to look up the phone number?" YES. So he did. Before I knew it, Derek was on the phone reading Mandi's script. He improvised some and answered questions then he turned around, looked at me and said, "He wants to talk to my captain. I guess that's you," and he handed me the phone.

When I said "Hello," no one answered. Before I decided to hang up a voice came on the phone and said, "Hello, this is Captain Hall." DUH! The Salvation "Army." They use military titles. He was the captain, not me. I told him about our mats made of plarn (from WalMart bags) and he said he'd love to have them. They would be very useful when they run out of beds and people have to sleep on the floors. Cool!

I was happy our mats were wanted, happy the kids accomplished their task, glad it was funny and glad we could talk about a field trip to the Salvation Army in Lawton.

3rd hour is 7th grade, a lively bunch. The 2nd grade wanted to come to the library to watch a video on William Bradford in celebration of our last day of school before Thanksgiving vacation. So I had my 7th grade watch it with them. The 7th graders practiced their note taking skills as they watched. And they were so good, quiet and attentive. I'd given them a speech on being good role models for the 2nd graders, and they were. The video was interesting. We had a Q & A afterwards that was fun.

After the 7th graders left I totaled up our book fair and it was$700 more than I thought it was. Another happy thing. I get to take 40% of the sales in books and that is my only book budget so the extra on top of what I thought we'd sold was a happy surprise.

I went shopping for Thanksgiving supplies after exercise. It was a little bit crazy at WalMart but I enjoyed it. Families shopping together, little kids helping their grandmas, and people enjoying themselves. I found everything I wanted except for chestnuts. Anybody know where they keep the chestnuts? Not with the baking supplies as the recipe stated, not in the frozen foods or with the canned vegetables as an employee told me nor the "super charge" display that another employee suggested. Maybe they don't have chestnuts.

I was going to end this post with the final happy event of the day, waiting for Mari and Shawn to arrive. But they just walked in the door. Perfect ending to a perfectly wonderful day.


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