Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Senior Citizen on Tuesday

Going around the circuit at Curves, the “trainer” talked about shopping at Ross. She got some extraordinary Calvin Klein sheets there for $15.00. Hmmm, I need new sheets. “I like to shop at Ross if I have time to search and find things,” someone else chimed in. I enjoy a good shopping hunt. Then Mary Alice told about how she bought and returned an item three times (a different size each time) before she found the one she liked. I almost never return things, too much trouble.

After the cool down stretch, I headed my car to Ross. Oh yeah, I’m gonna get some new sheets. At Ross I went straight to where the sheets used to be, but they weren't there. The hunt was on.

I found some cute glasses to give as Christmas gifts and a set for Mari’s birthday. Perusing the aisles, a Bumblebee Transformer throw blanket caught my eye. $5.00! Gotta have that for Owen when we snuggle at my house. And, oh my gosh! There’s a giraffe print blanket for my giraffe room. Toss that in the cart too. Now, where could the sheets be?

I figured the sheets couldn't be too far from the blankets, but before I found them I came upon towels. Not that I need towels, but I have this fantasy plan to redecorate my bathroom in black and white. It is blue and white right now. We didn’t get around to painting last summer, but is there any reason I can’t accessorize with black and white even though the walls are blue? I didn’t think so. There, staring me in the face, were white towels with a black pattern for only $2.99. I got a pair. I am not one to pass up a bargain. I got the purple wash cloths too, for the upstairs bathroom when Mari visits. Maybe I should decorate that bathroom in purple. I’ve already got the wash cloths.

Just around the corner, voila, sheets. Here’s where I really used my search, hunt and find skills. It took some time but at last I found the perfect sheets. Mine were $27.00, 400 thread count, perfect color.

The clerk rang up all my treasures and it was less than I had calculated in my mind. Maybe something was on sale and not marked. Or maybe I can't do math in my head. Whatever, the bill was about $20 less than I anticipated. Woot! Woot! I did a little happy dance in my mind. (I can pull that off.)

Then she broke into my party and asked, “Are you a senior?”


“Are you over 55?” Of all things, she noticed my age.

I told her, “Yes, I am.”

“Today is senior discount day. You get an extra 10% off your purchase." The bill went even lower. Yee Haw! Another silent celebration. It's not so bad getting old.

Note to self: shop at Ross on Tuesdays.


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Mari said...

I LOL'ed on this one.