Saturday, February 18, 2012

What NOT to Post

As promised from yesterday, today I will share about how teachers can lose their jobs due to off-campus conduct and speech. Doesn't sound fair, does it? I can do whatever I want on "my time." It's nobody's business but my own. Apparently that isn't so in the eyes of the law.

A teacher was moonlighting as an entertainer (use your imagination). Parents complained, school was disrupted, and the teacher was fired. The teacher sued, the school won.

A teacher posted on facebook a picture of herself in bed with a bottle of tequila and commented about her past life as a drug addict. This teacher was also fired and the school won the lawsuit.

ADVICE: Act like everything you post will be seen by your boss.

Teachers are public employees and all public employees have an exception to Freedom of Speech. Teachers are considered to be agents of their school district and must behave in speech and action according to the policies of said district.

#1 Rule = Don't be stupid.

Use good judgement. Social Media is not the best place to complain about your school. If there's something going on that deserves complaint, take it to your principal or appropriate person, follow the chain of command and perhaps you can get the situation resolved.

These are not personal comments, but rather notes taken at a Social Media and Cyber Bullying workshop presented by an attorney and sponsored by Professional Oklahoma Educators.

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