Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dental Health & the Tooth Fairy

From the Book about Beth

Six-years-old, 1989 - You were so thrilled about finally losing a baby tooth that when "the tooth fairy" left 50 cents under your pillow, you wouldn't take it because, as you said, "I want to keep my tooth." I gave you a little pill box to keep it in and you'd take it out every day and brush it!

Sometime later in March of an unknown year, I had my wisdom teeth pulled (the bottom two). The dentist would not give me my teeth saying it was some OSHA regulation or something.

When I got home I made the comment, "I left my teeth at the dentist's and now the tooth fairy won't bring me anything." You disappeared and came back a moment later, handed me a nickle and said, "Here, the tooth fairy told me to give you this."

If you have little kids, write down the funny things they say and do. It will bring you laughter and entertainment for years to come.

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Corina Turner said...

Our nephew is pretty anxious about his wiggling tooth that can fall out any minute now. I told him to not touch nor move it. We're planning to go to his dentist later. By the way, who's the author of this book about Beth, Sydney? At first I thought it's from The Beth Book by Sarah Grand, but the lines you've written weren't familiar.