Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Public Library

Do you value your public library? Why or why not?

I have always used and loved libraries. I read and they've got all the books for free. I like free.

In college I decided to get a masters degree after being unable to discover a job I could get with a double major BA in German and Linguistics. I wanted to get a Masters of Library Science but the counselor at Cal State Fullerton discouraged me because there were no librarian jobs available. If he'd known I was going to move to Oklahoma and have a librarian job dropped in my lap, maybe he would have let me get the degree I wanted. So instead, I got a Masters Degree in Linguistics. They don't even have any jobs you can get with degrees in linguistics.

Now I am happily a full-time school librarian and a part-time public librarian. The two jobs compliment each other and I feel very fortunate to have work that I enjoy.

Do you remember Arsenio Hall? He did a funny bit every show about "things that make you go Hmmm..." I went to work tonight and thought I was back in the early '90's in the middle of an Arsenio Hall Show. The city has decided not to replace the two aide jobs that are open. Hmmm... The city is going to have the library open fewer hours to save on electricity. Hmmm... Some of the options are particularly peculiar. And they are still looking for a new library director at 70 K. But they can't replace 2 minimum wage jobs? Hmmm...

Things are up in the air and crazy. I guess I'll just hold on and see what happens.


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