Friday, February 10, 2012


This is a funny picture, almost an optical illusion. The bottom part is a book, made just for me, that is propped up in front of my computer, the top part of the picture. The book is less than a third the size of the computer monitor but it looks bigger. Camera magic.

My grandaughter, Jane, fills the monitor desktop. My mother-in-law has a digital photo frame and she spends hours enjoying pictures of Jane on it. She told me that she looks at the pictures and has conversations with Jane. She's 87-years-old so I let that explain the conversations. Sweet. But I understand better now. With Jane on my home and school computer desktops, I find myself talking to her all the time. "Good morning precious. I love you." And on it goes. It must be a grandma thing that has nothing to do with age.

That explains the computer desktop part of the picture. The book is a gift I received in the mail today from my daughter and granddaughter. It's called Jane Loves Gingie. I became known as Gingie when my grandson babbled the word before he spoke any real words. I was holding him and he said "Gingie." I insist that he gave me that name and it stuck. Mari called me last week to tell me that Jane had just said, "Gingie." Incredible, my name is her first word too.

The book is precious with lots of pictures of Jane and me. It leaves no doubt that Jane's Gingie is a big dork. I'm OK with that. As long as my children and grandchildren love me, it's all good.


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