Monday, February 20, 2012

My Baby has a Job

It doesn't pay anything but it's what she was born to do.

Over a year ago we got this beautiful Great Pyrenees puppy. We didn't need another dog, the one we had was more than enough. But we also have goats and it seemed everyone with livestock had a few Pyrenees to guard them. So when my boss was looking for homes for his puppies, we jumped at the chance to have one. We even got pick of the litter and we named her Lola Bear.

We did not raise her according to the book. She lived in our backyard until last week. She got lots of kisses and hugs but had no one to guard.

About a month ago, my husband's goats started having babies. After he lost 4 babies to renegade dogs, he decided it was time to introduce Lola to the goats and see if she was up for the job of guarding them.

I miss my little Bear when I get home and she is
nowhere to be found. But it's good to know she's taking care of the goats and has something worthwhile to do with her time.


Mari said...

I thought this might be about ME and my job that doesn't pay anything (except kisses and immense satisfaction at how cool Jane is). HAHA. At least you can more easily visit Bear!

Sydney said...

If it were about you, the title would have been "My Baby Has the Best Job in the World."