Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Baby is 30

Happy Birthday Beth!

Beth's birthday is July 22nd but I just got this picture of her putting her birthday money in at church last Sunday.

Beth is...
my second child and my baby.
funny and has been for as long as I can remember.

the mother of my first grandchild, Owen.
a fabulous pre-K teacher, or any other grade she may happen to teach.
a loving daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin...OK, she's a loving person.
a faithful friend.
dating a lovely man, Cliff.
reliable, interesting, fun,
hardworking, innovative, thoughtful, shy,
red-headed and hot tempered.
nicely nerdy and gently goofy (she's a Tompkins)...

The expression on her face (above) reveals a lot about her, as does Fred's expression of reaction.

Be afraid Beth, I think I'll develop you into a character in a story. You might be the next female Monk.

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Recovering Supermom said...

What a nice tribute to your daughter. :) A very happy belated birthday to her!